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The monastery of Lluc is located in the north of Mallorca, in a valley of The Serra de Tramuntana, about 20km, 30min by car, from the beautiful town of Pollensa where most of our Mallorca villas are situated.

This impressive location surrounded by mountains is what makes the Monastery of Lluc so beautiful and it is also the reason why not only the tourists but also the residents in Mallorca visit it several times per year, bearing in mind that at every time of the year, Lluc has something special to offer its visitors.

If you have the opportunity to visit Lluc in winter we assure you will be able to admire the most beautiful snowy landscape view. It is unusual to see snow in Mallorca, but Lluc, 500 meters above the sea level, is one of those peculiar places where at least once a year it snows and this, the unusual snow in Mallorca, is just what makes Lluc so special and why visiting it in winter is such a beautiful experience.

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It is typical for the people in Mallorca to drive to Lluc in winter and enjoy a hot chocolate while contemplating the snowy Serra de Tramuntana in one of its traditional bars which have come down from generation to generation and still preserve their essence.

But as we have said, it is not the only beautiful time of the year to visit the Monastery of Lluc. If you visit it in spring or summer, surrounded by the astonishing Serra de Tramuntana Mountains, you will feel as if you were immersed in a real green mountain paradise. You will be able to relax in the terraces of the bars as well as buy souvenirs in its traditional and charming shops.

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But apart from the bars where you can admire the snowy or sunny landscape, depending on the season you visit Lluc, it also offers a wide variety of walks and excursions you can do as well as a museum, the Monastery and the choir school whose students sing twice a day in the church. Even if you wish to learn more about Lluc and discover each of its corners, you can sleep in one of its cells and spend there a really relaxing night away from the civilization.

Are you still wondering if you should visit Lluc?

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