The Calvary in Pollensa

The old town of Pollensa hides a wide variety of magnificent places to visit you cannot miss if you are lucky to enjoy your holidays in this wonderful town.

One of its tourist attractions, which receives a large number of visitors day after day, is the Calvary, located in the center of the town of Pollensa.


The Calvary is an astonishing stairway with 365 steps, one per each day of the year, and 14 three meters high crosses commemorating the suffering of Jesus Christ while he was going up to the Golgotha hill where he was crucified. The stairway is lined by cypresses and beautiful Mallorcan traditional stone houses.

At its summit you can find a beautiful small church built at the end of the eighteenth century and rebuilt in the sixties of the last century as well as a magnificent viewpoint with fascinating views of the town of Pollensa and its surroundings.


This wonderful tourist attraction in the heart of the town of Pollensa is well-known by the event of “El Davallament”, a procession that begins at the top of the Calvary stairway and ends finally in the Parish church of Pollensa. It is considered one of the most beautiful processions in the island of Mallorca.


It is definitely a charming place we highly recommend and which you cannot miss if you have the opportunity to visit the town of Pollensa.

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