Puig de Maria in Pollensa

If some of you have had the opportunity to visit the beautiful town of Pollensa, you may have heard about or visited the Puig de Maria, a 330 meters high mountain which affords breathtaking views over the town of Pollensa, the bay of Pollensa and Alcudia as well as the astonishing Serra de Tramuntana.puig-de-maria-pollensa-011

Puig de Maria is not only visited by many tourists who decide to do this excursion to find out the wonders at the top of the mountain and enjoy the Mediterranean vegetation but also by a lot of people from Pollensa and its surroundings who use to walk up to the hill very often with family or friends in order to enjoy a delicious lunch in the restaurant, which serves traditional Mallorcan dishes such as “arròs brut”, “frit mallorquí” or “pa amb oli”, immersed in nature and admiring the wonderful views.

But this is not all what Puig de Maria has to offer its visitors, it has a beautiful church and if you wish to relax and get away from it all for a night, you can book one of the cells and sleep at the top of Puig de Maria. Silence, nature, relax…16034801261_caaa286a3a

But let us tell you more about Puig de Maria, its history and the importance it has in the town of Pollensa…

History tells that some people from Pollensa saw lights at the top of the hill and as soon as they arrived there they found a figure of a Virgin. In 1348 a 20 per cent of the people from Pollensa died from the black plague and the town decided to build this sanctuary as protection against the epidemic.

The building was finished in 1355 but the monastery was not built until 1371, when three monks who were living there decided to build it. Some years later, the wall and the tower were built in order to protect the town against possible invasions.port-de-pollenca-mallorca-6

This, the Puig de Maria, is only one of all the treasures the town of Pollensa hides. If you wish to learn more about this and other places in Pollensa, take a look at our website and book some of our wonderful villas in Pollensa!

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