Villas allowing pets – Why not bring your pet?

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Why not Bring your beloved pet on holiday – you can do this travelling with The Best Villas Pollensa in some of our selected Pet Villas.

We at The Best Villas Pollensa being pet lovers ourselves, know the difficulties involved when one wishes to go away on holiday who are pet owners resulting they have to find a place for their four legged “Whoofer friends to stay.

Not always is it easy to find a reputable dog care home, or kennels, not forgetting  individual dogs personality who may not allow to be placed in the care of kennels , due to this,  we are  happy to inform that we have arranged with some villa owners to allow pets on holiday, resulting we have now introduced “Pet Villas” within our villa rentals collection which may be the perfect solution for you,  if you are considering travelling with us,  an added bonus, ” you now can bring along you beloved pet – who can also enjoy a holiday too!!!



Please click below onto  the selected villas allowing pets link,  which may be of interest to you.


Pets allowed villas

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us

Wishing you a nice day from all in Pollensa




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