Festivity of Sant Antoni in Pollensa


imagesThis weekend Pollensa hosts its annual Sant Antoni fest. It is a festivity celebrated in most of the towns in Mallorca in which the fire is the key element as well as the devil and the figure of Sant Antoni who was considered the protector of the farmers from Mallorca and their animals, fields and crops, the reason why Sant Antoni is also considered a festivity for the animals

It will be without a doubt a fun-filled weekend both for the people from Pollensa and for its visitors who year after year decide to come to our town to enjoy and celebrate Sant Antoni.

The 16th of January, most of the people in Pollensa light a bonfire fogueroon the street, cook typical Mallorcan products over it, such as botifarrons and sobrasada, and enjoy the night with friends and family singing typical Sant Antoni songs with the zambomba.
The following day, the 17th, is one of the most awaited days of the year for the Pollensa people. In the morning, people walk their pets in front of the main church and they are blessed with holy water. Then, all the Pollencines go the the Ternelles valley where a pine tree “El pi de Sant Antoni” is cut and eat botifarrons and herrings along with bread and wine supplied by the local Council. After having lunch, the pine is placed on a cart with wheels, and brought down into the town where it is smeared with soap and oil and hoisted up. Once it has been installed, the people from Pollensa, following the tradition, try to climb it to the top where there is a bag with confetti and a cock in a basket.

sant antoni

If you like Pollensa you cannot miss this festivity where you will be able to learn about our culture and traditions as well as enjoy the festivity and the typical Mallorcan gastronomy as if you were a resident!

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