2017 Pollensa Arts and Crafts Fair

Have you ever visited the traditional Pollensa Arts and Crafts Fair?

If you are one of those who have already had the great opportunity to visit this beautiful traditional fair, you know what we are talking about but let us tell all the people who may come this year, for the first time, to the 2017 Pollensa Arts and Crafts Fair why is this fair so special and why they cannot miss it!

Every year, when the summer season is over, most of the towns in Mallorca welcome autumn celebrating the traditional fairs, each of them dedicated to a specific theme and the Arts and Crafts Fair in Pollensa is one of the most well-known in the island.

This year, Pollensa holds its 2017 Arts and Crafts Fair this weekend 10th, 11th and 12th November 2017.

This is an awaited event not only for the residents of the wonderful town of Pollensa but also for the people from other towns and tourists who wish to admire the marvels of the creations of the contemporary Mallorcan artisans who year after year exhibit their handmade products in the magnificent medieval streets of the historical center of the town of Pollensa and the astonishing Cloister of Santo Domingo.

The Arts and Crafts Fair celebrated in Pollensa is truly a magnificent opportunity to get into the Mallorcan culture and traditions not only by the huge amount of traditional products sold such us clothes, jewellery or furniture but you will also be able to taste delicious Mallorcan traditional dishes such as “Panades”, “Cocorrois” and “rubiols” while you walk around the charming cobbled streets of the center of the town and enjoy the art, music and dance events held during this weekend.

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