Dear All

We hope our contact today finds you all  “Survived” the extra eating over Christmas day and that you had a wonderful day and no doubt now racing off to the Gym!!!

The days leading up to Christmas here on the Island temps were ranging between 18 to 20 degrees, to the delight of all those who are currently stay in one of our Villas, with blue sky and sunshine, and we are happy to report how lucky we all were here in Pollensa  this amazing weather  lingered on to Christmas day although to a surprise of most, waking up to some early morning fog caused due to the warm air,  however,  this cleared away to wonderful blue skies and sunshine.

One of staff informed she enjoyed lunch outdoors!,  although having prepared the interior dining room for Christmas Lunch, however, she could not resist taking advantage of the glorious weather,   instead, moved everything from the dining room table out to the exterior terrace table where Christmas lunch took place enjoying the warm winter sunshine – no doubt many of our guests did the same to enjoy lunch on their terrace of their Villa, we hope so, enjoying something different one normally could participate at home this time of year.

We are hoping our luck here on the Island and Pollensa for our guests, continues  for the rest of the festivities and if your not experiencing such good weather, where ever you are, we send you some sunshine via our Blog.

Again, we hope everyone had a super Christmas Day, no doubt,  all looking forward to seeing in the New Year  2013 with loved ones,  family and friends.

Happy 2013!!!!

Thats our news for today, speak soon.




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