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Winter in Mallorca which offers a variety of events, traditions and sights.  During the end of January when the weather can be cooler,  yet still sunny, the time when its amazing and beautiful almond trees come into full bloom and life –  a magical sight created by its  snow like flowers this time of year, and…. if your arriving by plane, viewing the blossom from the skies, can even give the illusion the Island is covered in snow!  It is this time of year also, the blossom attracts many photographers and also painters, who come especially, taking advantage of the spectacular images Mallorca has to offer.

As Christmas is coming nearer, here are some traditional Mallorcan gastronomy tips and suggestions you may wish to try at home!

During this time of year an old ancient tradition comes into place known as “Matances”, where family and friends gather together to slaughter a pig where from Mallorcan sausages are made, not only sausages, yet many different pork soups including “Sopa Farcida de Nadal”  as referred to in Catalunya and here in Mallorca  “Sopa Rellena”

The “Sopa Rellena”  is soup made from a  good base stock, large pasta shells are stuffed with minced pork, boiled egg and bread, this mixture is tightly stuffed into the shell, although it can be rather time consuming, its delicious,  it is a traditional soup eaten on Christmas Day or during the festive period.  So!,  if you wish to make a simple soup and  impress your guests get cracking with “Sopa Rellena”, at home, bringing a touch of traditional of Mallorca cusine  to your dining table,……. where you may be!

Other traditional foods, include fish croquettes ,  chicken and turkey meat cooked in a rich sauce,  suckling pig, pigs trotters casserole, to name a few, which are normally followed by the most traditional dessert enjoyed this time of year “ Turron,” which base is from almonds, includes sweet wine, cinnamon and exceedingly…. Yummy!,  even though 1 million calories a bite,  who cares,  – after all its Christmas your allowed to spoil yourself!……. The turrons come in both hard or soft textures and are an important part of  our Christmas eating  – not to be missed and enjoyed.

Not forgetting the traditional local Bonfires which are lit on important and special festivity days one of which Sant Antoni Festival in village of Sa Pobla, yet most villages take part in making bonfires which are lit on the squares and back streets, along with  “Botifarro” a spicy Mallorcan sausage which is grilled over the bonfires.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about some of our local traditions and the world of traditions, we experience here during  “Winter in Mallorca”, that take place over our winter months, including Christmas and New Year, although Mallorca offers different feel and countryside sights and views during winter,  it appeals to many who wish to come to our Island to join in and view our local festivities, also to indulge in many of our exquisite cuisines  this time of year,  many of which,  are not often available during our summer months.

The door is open for you to visit us here in Pollensa Mallorca –  we look forward to seeing you…………………!


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