Virgin Beaches in Pollensa

In this post, we would like to focus on the most beautiful virgin beaches in Pollensa, the ideal beaches for those clients who love both the sea and the mountain.

These are beaches where you cannot arrive by car but hiking you can enjoy the mountain paths, the nature and the astonishing views they offer. These are turquoise water small pebbled coves where there are not shops and restaurants, but this is just what makes them special, they allow the visitors to enjoy the perfect tranquility without noises or a huge amount of people, just worrying about enjoying the nature.

Cala Murta

cala murta





Cala Boquer

cala boquer

Cala Figuera

cala figuera

If you are thinking about relaxing holidays with complete tranquillity, feeling as if you were the only person in the world, book one of our villas and visit these beaches, they are what you need!

Contact us, we will be pleased to advise you!

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