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Today, we wish to introduce you to our new Villas for Sale Collection.

Although we are, primarily, a  Villa holiday rental company, first and foremost,  sometimes we are approached and offered Villas for Sale which we are happy to now introduce you to our current collection of properties available to purchase for either own use and/or property investment purposes.

Therefore, we have decided to display villas for sale collection on our website, which we feel may prove of interest, especially for those, who may be considering buying a holiday home  as an off shore investment with the aim of  renting their  property in the summer months, during unrented months owners may wish to take advantage to use their holiday home, in the mild winter months which may be warmer than their home countries, or perhaps spend those “special festive days” here on the Island during Christmas and New Year.  Depending on contractual arrangements  this may allow an owner to use and block off their property for  a week or two if preferred for personal use, during the summer months,  for example.

We are often approached including our own clients who may be staying with us on holiday,  regards the possible purchase of a property with a view to rent enquiring whether the The Best Villas Pollensa would be interested to take on their property.

We are always open to give consideration regards all or any villas offered to us to take onto our portfolio of holiday rental villas,  of course,  this depends on a number of factors, location, size, and standard of Villa.   We are always happy to show flexibility on areas regards overseeing it may be owners wish us to oversee the entire running of the Villa for and on behalf whilst they are back home, and/or, part overseeing in the event an owner has already arranged their own cleaning of pool or gardens, and may only require our services, i.e. the maid and clean service, for example.  As each enquiry differs from another regards owners preferences and/or arrangements in place, we are happy to discuss any element of clients enquiries and questions.

Also, we are in a position to offer support by putting forward suggestions and advice as to what is required when renting a holiday home, the general expectancies and obligations of an owner, including the supply of  a standard inventory of facilities required for holiday renting to assist any prospective purchaser be aware of obligations.  We can propose quotations for rental periods required based on owners preferences,  along with further advices of costs and disbursements involved during the season, allowing a prospective purchaser to have an insight of how the “ rental system functions” what returns may be expected, which may assist all or any decision making regards the purchase of a 2nd home when the aim is for rental investment purposes.

The Villas we have for sale at this current time can be viewed on our website on the menu bar home page under caption “Sales”. Simply click on sales which will display our villas for Sale collection to be viewed.

The Balearic Islands, in particular,  the beautiful  island of Mallorca , often referred to as the “jewel in the Mediterranean”,  along with the Islands easy accessibility being a mere 2 hours or less  from most destinations in  Europe, offers the ideal island regards purchasing a property in Mallorca, hence,  proving attractive to any investor, not only due to its wonderful climate, beaches and general services the Balearic Islands offer, yet is a highly desired destination for holidays, for those who wish to purchase with a view to renting out their 2nd home during the high summer season regards their investment, should they desire.

Should you have any questions regards interest in purchasing  any of our properties for sale,  please do not hesitate to contact us, we are at your disposal.

We hope you enjoy viewing our Villas for Sale Collection.


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