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Today we inform you of the upcoming event the famous fiesta in Pollensa known as LA PATRONA 2nd August 2013.

pollenca-fShould you be lucky enough to be  staying in one of our lovely villas during the week of 2nd August,  at the same time you shall be able to join in the local Fiesta which not only the locals enjoy every year, yet many to Pollensa to enjoy La Patrona from other parts of the Island, this includes visitors from mainland Spain, not forgetting all guests and visitors in the área generally.

La Patrona fiesta of Ntra Sra. Dels Angels a simulating battle of Moors and Christians commemorates victory of Christians over Moorish pirates, that attacked the Village night May 30th 1550,  for this,  the festivities start night time followed in the early hours of the morning the local Town Hall band starts up.  After which, there is a mass in honour of the Mare de Deu dels Angels approx 11am and  performance of Mallorcan folk dancers.

The excitment of the battle  starts in the afternoon with encounter between Joan Mas who is the leader of “Christians” and Dragut “Moorish” leader.  It is after Joan Mas and his cry to the Virgin “Mare de Deu dels Angels, of “HELP US – the pirates are against us” after which, approx 7.00 pm the battle begins between the Moors and Christians.

The battle continues down the narrow streets of the village, which includes  a re-enactment representing liberation of women, children and men that the Moors imprisoned.  The battle then continues down towards the old football pitch where the immense confrontation takes place.

The colourful simulating battle can be boistrous, yet enjoyable and exciting, certainly,  well worth the effort to attend if you are able,  the Moors with their faces painted in war paint, and  Christians in their white robes.

Finally, the fiesta of the day concludes with a display of fireworks.

During the Fiesta there is plenty more going on such as concerts, exhibitions, childrens entertainments, markets and all night parties.  You can attend the Town Hall for more information if your already staying with us on holiday.

Wishing you enjoy our famous Fiesta LA PATRONA!


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