Our tips when your here on holiday!

Dear Guests

Whilst your here enjoying one of The Best Villas super Villas, a few tips how to get around and local  facilities and information available to yourselves during your stay which may prove helpful to you….,

No doubt your driving one of our excellent  supplied from www.vivescars.com fleet of cars.  If so,

  • Drive on right hand side of road
  • Driving laws are strict here in Mallorca as other places, spot checks take place regularly during the day as well a evenings, so beware and take care! ibiza
  • Always ensure you carry your Driving Licence in the car, and Car Hire contract and documents arranged by vivescars, as you will be asked to produce if you are stopped by the police.
  • Take caution at roundabouts, there are rules……… no one seems to follow the rules!!!! take it slow…


  • Parking restrictions normally are clearly marked.vado-permanente1
  • Always avoid Zig Zags and yellow kerb marker signs, also notices on  garage doors displaying “Vado” signs, if in doubt, and you see a sign on a garage door, “do not  park”! 
  • If you park in these areas your car is normally towed away and need to pay a fine to the police,  in order,  to retrieve your car.
  • Puerto Pollensa has a “blue Zone” parking restriction, in order to park in these areas you need to obtain a ticket from the meter and display in the car window.  These areas operational Monday to Saturday 9.30 to 13.30 hrs and 16.30 to 20.00hrs. Sundays and Bank Holidays are FREE.  Cost is reasonable, instructions and prices are displayed on the meters in English to assist you.

Post Offices are open Monday to Saturday 9.00 to 14.00hrs.  Stamps to the UK can be bought at the tobacconist shops as well as post offices which may be convenient for you as well as authorised Post Offices.  Post Boxes easily distinguished are YELLOW.

Pollensa post office:oficinas_01
Telf:971531125 Fax:971531125

In the local area here north of the Island Pollensa, Puerto Pollensa, Cala St. Vincent and Alcudia there are two types of Police…,

  • GUARDIA CIVIL traffic patrol, they were a green uniform.  Normally called to road traffic accidents and occasionally found at major junctions and roundabouts doing spot checks.  In the unlikely event you have items sPolicía Local en un mercado municipaltolen they need to be reported to “The Guardia Civil” in the AREA you actually lost items.  Translator is usually required.
  • LOCAL POLICE MUNICIPAL.  Can be seen patrolling towns on foot or bicycles and wear a blue uniform, they are responsible for traffic control within town sectors and for parking fines, so beware!!!!!.  In event you loose items during your stay, you can call to their local police office complete a form, which normally is sufficient for insurance purposes, forms are in English.
  • Guardia Civil Tel contact in Puerto Pollensa is 971 86 58 42.  Local Municipal Police Tel Pollensa 971 53 04 37

Ample choice of LARGE supermarkets are available to you in Pollensa there are EROSKI SYP, AND LIDL, Puerto Pollensa EROSKI SYP.pollensa eroski city
Alcudia MERCADONNA and EROSKI SYP.  Normal trading hours are from 09.00 to 21hrs Mon to Sat, Sundays close 14.00hrs.  However, most supermarkets can VARY these times for example they may open Sunday at 08.00 and open until 21hrs.  They normally display any changes of the regular hours for public to be aware of such changes, these longer hours are during the summer months.

On your arrival to resort before you attend your lovely Villa with The Best Villas Pollensa, you can go to get your provisions, or depending on the time of your arrival, or  once your at your villa, you can always go later, as they do not close until around 21.00hrs.

Remember that The Best Villas Pollensa provide a Basic Welcome hamper to each villa accommodation.

We do hope the few tips may be useful during your stay with us…

Wishing you a lovely day from us all in Pollensa and Mallorca.


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