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As you recall some weeks ago we updated and informed you of two super new Villas we had acquired for our 2013 Collection being Villa Francisco a delighteful 2 bedroom Villa located in the appreciated residential area of “La Font”, just on outskirts of the historic town of Pollensa, and Villa Gonzalez a large 6 bedroom Villa nestled in a countryside location, yet not far from the beaches of Puerto Pollensa.

Now that the long dark mornings, and afternoons have set in, its time to forget about those “winter blues”, and with Christmas and New Year over, its now time to think about “sunshine and blue skies”, as those long awaited “ summer holidays” that are just around the corner – remember the saying “the early bird catches the worm”……. Why not be that “early bird” choosing a villa now, to ensure your not disappointed getting the villa of your preferred choice.

Not only do we have Villa Francisco, Villa Gonzalez new for 2013, we hope to add more, which we shall update you soon, so don’t forget to watch this space!……..

Here are some other suggestions of lovely villas you may wish to take a peep at on our website why not consider to name a few…………..


Villa Malagarba

Super Villa stunning views, not far from historic town of Pollensa, and an added bonus, walkable to a Vineyard ideal for those wine connoisseurs out there!!!


Villa Alberti

Ideal for small families or couples, countryside location mid way between Pollensa and Puerto Pollensa.


Villa Guixa

Its location is nearest to the magnificent beaches of Muro Alcudia the most stunning beach in Mallorca the whitest sand and turquoise waters like the caribe stretching over 10klm “keep this a secret”!!!


Villa Juana

Nestled in the heart of the countryside, semi – secluded, not far away from Pollensa


Villa Moronera

Delightful Villa not far from Bay and Sea of Pollensa


Villa Luz

Ideal Villa for couples, near old town Pollensa stunning views of the Puig Maria


Villa Tencotes

Super countryside location appreciated for the fact its not far from Bay and Sea of Pollensa and walkable to our other villas, Figueral, Fiol, Aumadrava, and Jaume.


Villa Tia

Charming authenticity ideal for couples and not far from beautiful cove beaches of Cala St. Vincent and old town Pollensa.


Villa Camp

Contemporary chic! Not far from old town Pollensa


Villa Lila

For those who want to become a real local and walk into town


Villa Mimosa

Sister Villa to Lila again, for those who want to become a real local and walk into town.


Villa Antonia

Super countryside location typical farmhouse villa.

These are just a few lovely villas within our Summer 2013 Collection to mention, that may entice you to become an “early bird” to help you choose a villa for your long awaited and no doubt deserved “ Summer Holiday”…. that is just around the corner!

And……..Dont forget !! – keep an eye on our website and blog for updates of further new Villas.

Wishing you all a nice day from us all


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