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Today, we are taking along the route of Tapa and Pintxos-Pinchos in Palma de Mallorca, writing about recommended Tapa bars as suggested by our various guests.  There are numerous, too many to even mention in Palma, we are spoilt for choice with excellence of pincho,tapa bars and restaurants in this beautiful City, however, we mention one or two below which may be of interest to you whilst here on the Island and especially so, having a day out in Palma.

We put forward what we are informed the very best, along with the Grand cappuccino café and one appreciated restaurant in particular you may wish to try if your itinerary takes you down into Palma for a days shopping or sightseeing.

Tapa route here we come…….


For those who appreciate a typical traditional tapa bar El Pilon is hidden away at the top of the Borne up a narrow alley just opposite “Bar Borne” which is across the road, across the road, and infront of  C and A Store.  This cavernous dark, yet classic authentic buzzing atmosphere is unique, where tables are pushed near to each, where you eat elbow to elbow with others, wonderful way to make new friends and start conversation!!…. the stylish old style waiters with long white aprons,  adds to the bustling ambience of this  Bar. Also!! It is not unusual for you to find yourself elbowing, perhaps a famous or important people,  such as the Infantas Christina and Elena from the Spanish Royal Family, as one of our staff experienced two years ago, to her surprise,  you will also view on the Bars wall, a signed photo of King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia, whom we believe, as their daughters, also addicted returning customers, whilst here holidaying on the Island, enjoying El Pilons atmosphere, and  amazing array of bewildering tapas, which include, a house specialty of grilled mushrooms with garlic that are served on a wooden board, we are informed absolutely delicious!……. amongst other.


Quite a different style and ambience to El Pilon is Tast , and actually is just around the corner of “Bar Borne” and two mins from El Pilon, its popular with the locals and always buzzing, ideal place to quench your hunger buds on a day out in Palma. Always full of business people rushing in to enjoy a pintxo or tapa during their lunch break.  Tast although serves Tapas however,  is renowned for its “ Pintxos or Pinchos” which hail from the Basque country, we have our taps in Mallorca, in the Basque known referred as Pintxos.  Traditionally they are pierced with a cocktail stick a small piece of crusty bread with varied toppings some examples of Pintxos can vary and include Minis, Brie Serrano Ham, Sobrasada Mahones Cheese, Warm pinchos,  Chicken and green peppers, Fried Camembert with Cherry Sauce, Fried Cod honey and garlic Mayonnaise, port fillet with Garlic Mayonnaise Gratin, Fillet of Veal with Roquefort or Foie, tapas can include cured sheep cheese, fried paprika sausage, fried bell peppers, stir fried wild mushrooms with Roquefort sauce, scrambled eggs with Gulas to name a view.

Both Tapa Bars as we have mentioned have been recommended by clients and from above, we are sure, may be worthwhile exploring both venues.


For those of you who may simply prefer a good coffee, not to be missed is the Cappuccino Bar which situated in a converted Mallorcan Palacio, which includes a most elegant courtyard and this has been converted into a dining room, and there is also a delightful garden at the back of the building.  The Capaccino we are informed is not cheap, however, its worth while, as whilst you sit sipping your cappuccino café, you have the bonus of watching the elegant Mallorcan ladies who lunch, on some of the specialty of crusty breads soaked in virgin olive oil, rubbed with tomato, served with jamon Serrano or local cheeses. Although there are many many cappuccino Bar in Palma, to many to name, for sure, if our clients are not wrong, this is one not to be missed, you can easily find it, you walk past the Tast Pintxos Bar as we mention above, and a little further along you come to the Grand Café on the right hand side of the road, not far also from C and A Store.


As we are informed is one of the most appreciated and favoured “UNUSUAL”  for this we mention,  restaurants amongst the locals of Palma and rated to be one of the best restaurants explored by visitors as well.  This trendy place is hidden away in Palmas “Soho” zone of Sa Guerreria.  It has a stylish chilled jazzy atmosphere, serving tons of fresh ingredients for its Mediterranean cuisine, along with some exotic options to choose from, the in place to try in-between  your retail therapy and sightseeing in Palma.  The restaurant is divided into two areas the main restaurant, and also a tapas and Bar, which serve wonderful cocktails.  Open from approx 12.30pm restaurant until midnight.  Ideal place for an affordable priced lunch, perfect when you wish to enjoy lunch beyond the rigid 2 hour lunch bracket not having a care in the world or clock watching, how wonderful!…..taking in on top say an exotic Gin and Tonic, so we recommend reservations are a must, especially when it is known for some to have taken a brunch, and finally ending up on one of the sofas enjoying aperitifs before dinner.


Finally, last, but not least, for those of you who decide to enjoy an overstay night in beautiful Palma de Mallorca the “in” place to enjoy is the famous “Bar Abaco” once described by the “New York Times”, as the most amazing and eccentric bar in Palma.  Its renowned for its magical atmosphere, set within a beautiful courtyard and hidden by amazingly huge old doors, in a back street in the district known as La Llonga. The Bar is appreciated for serving some of the best, albeit probably “most expensive” cocktails in town! Yet,  who cares when you have such delights and surroundings such as birdcages, flowers, scented burning candles, fountains and old –style waiters, to enjoy and also open til 1am and 3am Friday and Saturdays, so remember, if you have a romantic night in Palma, don’t forget to try out Bar Abaco, and join the trendy set!

That is our suggestion box for today, and hope you have the opportunity to try some of the recommendations we are passing onto you, although we have only mentioned 3 or 4 venues, as there are too many to mention, we feel these are the crème de la crème to try out…

Happy Tapa and Pintxo exploring……… yum yum!! not forgetting to watch ones calories….!!!!! inbetween the fun of tasting delicious and different food.

Click in the following link to taste the tapas in a Pollensa villa

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