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The Pollensa market is now in FULL SWING, and  has grown over the years to a degree people come from all over the Island as well as our locals and tourists staying in the area.  Even when the market is quieter over the winter months it is still worth a visit, and the bonus is, you don’t have to jostle so much.

It has become quite a weekly social scene for locals, tourists and visitors alike.

The market starts up around 8am ish! and winds down about 1pm. Most of the  veggies and fruit stalls are located infront of the Church on the Plaza Major. As you bypass the stalls of fruits and veg there is an abundence of many aromas.  Within the market generally you can everything and anything, stalls with hand made items, artifacts, jewellery, arts and crafts, paintings.  The stalls are nestled along narrow winding streets, resulting, no doubt, during your visit will become an expert in jostling around.  Many stalls offer clothing in many different styles ranging from bright hippy clothing in vibrant colours to more summery light tops, scarfs, hats, beautiful baskets, shoes, leather, wonderful handmade jewellery made from corals, shells, handbags,amongst other, there is always something for everyone!

One tip, make sure you visit BOTH squares, as some clients have found the plaza near the Police Station, which has lesser stalls, and were under the impression this was the entire market, not so!  The market is spread out between two plazas along with stalls along the winding  narrow streets between both squares.

No doubt after browsing through all, your exhausted, wishing to quench your thirst, don’t worry,  there are many bars within the hustle and bustle so you don’t miss out on the vibrant atmosphere of the day for you to choose fropm,  to sit down, and sip a cool drink read or once you have finally covered the entire market no doubt, you may wish to refue taking in a leisurely lunch at one of the local restaurants within the market area.

A few suggestions we can give based on our clients recommendations are for example the Italian on the bottom of the main  square II Giardino, this is where Princess Caroline of Monaco normally eats where here in the area, or the delightful chic and relaxed Trencadora Italian and international menú just off the main square Plaza Major, and is set in a lovely garden setting,or if you prefer some local typical Mallorcan cuisine then try La Fonda which is nestled in the narrow lane next to the Church these are just a few suggestions to relax after your morning visit to our weekly Sunday Market.

We hope you enjoy your day out at the Market absorbing our local social scene whether its Winter or summer months!


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