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With Christmas, New Year festivities, and the Spanish Three Kings over,  our festivities in the Pollensa continue.

We still have the traditional fiesta here in Pollensa that celebrates the “Pi de Sant Antoni”! 17th January 2014.

A tree is cut from the Ternelles Valley and often is over 20m in height.   On the day of the 17th the tree is brought down into the town square to erect into position. This is also the day that the locals and residents, bring along their animals down into the town for a blessing.

The festivities include  BBQ prior to bringing down the pine which normally includes botifarrons and herrings, amongst other,  which are traditional dishes cooked over BBQ grills.

Once the tree is brought down to into the  town it is then hoisted into place in the square. Following tradition th tree is then covered with soap and oil making it more difficult to climb for those who are brave enough ” attempting to climb the tree to the top!”

This is an appreciated fiesta day here in Pollensa and the surrounds, so if your currently enjoying a Winter break with us in one of our lovely villas in our Winter portfolio its a fiesta you should try and participate along with the towns people, taking place next Friday 17th January 2014.

Wishing you all a nice day from a very mild and sunny  Pollensa in January!



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