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We are delighted to bring you some update news about The Best Villas Resort Office changes.

We have taken the opportunity during our slower months,  albeit,  during  our winter programme that is up and running,  to re-decorate our already  super stylish resort office, that includes, modern and unique art on the walls,  various artefacts, together with some interesting objects of sculpting here and there,  basically, we have gone from  what was already a   “super ” office for our guests to visit and welcome to use internet facilities,  to a now  –  super super stylish office with a “ difference” .  Why…..?

We are proud to introduce our latest addition “ member of the staff”,  who in reality  is a piece of sculpture a  “ large stunning silver iron cockerel ” which, by the way,  has been made with “tender loving care”, by one of the directors of the Company with his own bare hands!  whom we have decided to name our Cockerel appropriately,  as his look  –  “Silver”.

The Cockerel which is known as the Symbol of Pollensa , hence the huge Iron Cockerel  that is displayed on the first roundabout  as you enter the outskirts of the town.  As we were re-decorating our  Resort office, which is in the heart of this beautiful Historic town, we thought it only  fitting to incorporate our towns  symbol  into our own office as a decorative feature,  which we hope will  prove to be a surprise attraction and object of interest for all  our guests who pop in to visit   to say “Hola – Hello”,  or perhaps now to say……  “Hola – cock-a-doodle-doo!!!!!! “

We invite you to take a peep at  “our office symbol – Silver”, on  our website  click  “about us” on the menu bar in a couple of weeks,  when we hope to have updated photos of our new office – we hope you enjoy and look forward to your visiting us in 2013.

Wishing you a nice day from us all  in Pollensa this  sunny November day!


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