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Summer is on its way!  the resorts are  bustling, busy,  lots happening, and the sun is shining amongst it all…………………

Today, we inform our excitement not only  Spring and Summer are just around the corner, more so, how delightful to see Puerto Pollensa, and its surrounds including Port of Alcudia and the small sleepy  Resort of Cala St. Vincent are coming out of their winter hibernation, now starting to prepare for our forthcoming summer season.

My, My, how quick our winter seems to have flown by, without us noticing,  but then, perhaps that is because we have been lucky enough to have enjoyed such a glorious mild winter overall,  with lots of sunshine todate allowing us time outdoors with only a couple of weeks or so since November with cooler days and some rain, that the months have bypassed us so quickly.

In Puerto Pollensa although most of its shops are artisan crafts, restaurants and boutiques, these establishments are getting ready for the first of the season arrivals which this year officially is 23rd March 2013, which means everyone in the tourist Industry are busy…..

Pollensa is known for its lovely ceramic shops, they also are busy little bees ensuring their cermics are shown to their best advantage, including restaurants that are now suddenly one by one, day by day, coming to life.  Boutiques and shops, galleries around the squares hustling and bustling in preparations.

There is movement on the beaches placing beach umbrellas generally, the restaurants that took a well earned break during our winter months to take a holiday of their own are now making moves to ensure they are prepared for the influx of tourists, those restaurants who have continued open in the winter, also are touching up here and there giving a fresh coat of paint if and where required.

How nice to also see the odd flower boxes coming alive with bright flowers, here and there on various premises, adding to the ambience of “summer is just around the corner feel”

Owners within our own portfolio of  villas working hard and  thriving ensuring their  properties are, all in order, as they should be,  with  last minute attention to gardens and pools, thankfully, as our weather has been so glorious of late, has allowed outside preparations to forge ahead with vengeance.

We hear on the grapevine, Palma Sant Joan Airport is also welcoming some new shops into their shopping zone some of which may include  Mango, H&M and Zara offering more facilities to all tourists who travel through the airport generally.

All we have to do now after everyone who works so hard this time of year have completed their preparations, is to await the arrival of our WELCOMED GUESTS, “YOURSELVES” the important people  whom we all truly value coming to visit  our beautiful Island Mallorca  our “gem in the mediterranean”, and in particular Pollensa and its surrounds.



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