Pollensa battle moors and christians 2014

Dear Guests

Pollensas “traditional battle of the Moors and Christians”, is once again upon us all happening 2nd August,  next week.  The Best Villas Pollensa and our lucky guests who happen to be here holidaying with us in one of our gorgeous Villas, we are all enjoying the prebuild up atmosphere within the town itself, leading up to the actual re-enactment battle itself.
Patrona 2014
The town is buzzing with movement and preparations,  and if your wandering through the towns charming winding streets, amongst homes of honey coloured buildings, then suddenly see a flag popping out of the window, or view different motifs of flags, hanging here and there, leading to wonderment, what are they for?   ” the flags are a way of showing whose side the individual local living in the “Casa” is on, whether this house supports the Moors or Christians!”

Also in the weeks leading  up to 2nd August, the plaza streets are decorated with white streamers, various events take place that include cultural, Mallorcan dancing, art exhibitions, concerts, religious processions, music and other,  all of which, add to the electric excitement of the town during this period.

Its the day of Pollensa patron saint  “La Mare de Deu del Angels.”  The traditional re-enactment of the battle of the Christians and Moors.  Joan Mas a local Pollencin as the saying goes, who alerted the towns people,  allowing them to be prepared for the fight.

On the actual day of the battle the town is awoken by its local band early in the morning around 5am, after which,  masked dance, to be followed, later in the day around 7pm trumpets and drums then open up,  the battle then starts!!!!!!!!!!

It can be boisterous and some pushing here and there, that is to be expected, it is part of the  battle itself, we suggest,  should you have small children or you prefer a quieter area to view the battle, make sure you get into the town early!!! to find yourself a corner or area within the narrow streets to watch and participate in the towns traditional event.

You also can call into the local Tourist office in Pollensa to obtain uptodate information of timings of the event which will allow you to choose your preferred participation,  or call into our local resort office if you have any questions, we are happy to help you, our staff will be happy to see you and have the opportunity to say  “Hola” !

Wishing you all an enjoyable “Moors and Christians”!

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