Pollensa arts and crafts fair 2014

As every year, the second weekend of November, Pollensa hosts its traditional Arts and Crafts fair around the medieval streets of the historical center of the town. This year this traditional fair took place on November 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th.

pollensa-artsAmong all the events celebrated in Pollensa, the Arts and Crafts fair is one of the most traditional and important for the residents of Pollensa who feel very proud of it because it is a sample of their real culture and traditions. But it is not only important for the residents of Pollensa, but also for all the people from other towns from Mallorca or visitors from other countries who love coming year after year and enjoying the magic of a fair with such strong traditions.

pollensa-craftsInvading all the streets of the center of this wonderful town, a wide variety of stalls where the craftsmen, most of them dressed up in traditional customs, show their traditional handmade products such as food, clothes, jewelry and so on, make you feel as if you were a resident of the ancient town of Pollensa.

But it is not all, apart from the product exhibitions this fair offers you the possibility to enjoy different events related to art, music, photography, etc.

Do not miss the opportunity to come next year and enjoy the experience of living and feeling the magic of this town during one of the most important, traditional and cultural events. pollensa-fair

Clients who come to our villas during the Arts and Crafts fair year after year guarantee you a marvelous cultural experience.


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