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Today, we chat about our unique pearl industry here on Mallorca, which may prove of interest for allyou “pearl” lovers out there.

Pearls once upon a time were appreciated and worn by those of great wealth or from aristocrat families, or often viewed as “old lady” jewellery not worn by younger generation,  this is not the case, Pearls are classic and ageless, whatever the critics may say,  with new designs  have become an extremely versatile accessory, that everyone should have at least one pearl item in their jewel box.  They can be worn by all, from young, middle age, including many followers of high fashion,  its simply a matter of “how one wears them”! to get that chic Pearl look…

Real Pearls v. Artificial Pearls.  Here on the Island of Mallorca, they are man made, artificial pearls and have actually been produced for many years.  Natural pearls often prove beyond the financial reach of many, yet our Mallorca man made pearls, are within the reach of most budgets.

They are the nearest look to a “real Pearl”, how they are made is secret, yet to our awareness some of the technique includes amongst other, the taking of small nucleus of opaline or coloured glass coated with substance then dipping into liquid of ground “fish scales”, yes exactly that, fish scales! who could imagine that,  by doing this produces a fine lustre, this technique process can be repeated up to 40 or 50 times after which, a  special final coating then takes place to prevent discolouration and/or any deterioration, followed by ultra violet light to give further protection.

This makes Mallorca Pearls stand out from other false pearls around the world,  they are unique in the sense, that unless you look closely, they can be taken as a  real pearl! For those of you who may be on the island, and Pearl lovers,  wether its a string of pearls, ear rings, rings, Mallorca Pearls can be found in many jewellery outlet stores both locally here in Pollensa and the Island generally, you may wish to treat yourself,  they can be a nice reminder when worn, of your stay here on the Island or the perfect gift for family or friends.

We hope you enjoyed our chat today about the amazing Mallorca Pearls,  as they are special, not only due to the unique technique yet also they are less expensive, are more resistant to perfume, which are a nightmare for real pearls, as this causes discolouration,  they are a classic chic fashion accessory enhancing any outfit one may be wearing, no matter what ones age may be! and remember, keep our Mallorca Pearl secret, no one will know the difference, and we promise to keep your secret too!!!

Wishing you all a nice day.

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