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Our Almond Blossom is experiencing unusual early full bloom……..

As our beloved Island has enjoyed such an amazing mild warm winter, with temps yesterday for example considering  “ end of January” around  21 degrees, is to be believed, the fact we are currently blessed unusual high temperatures for this time of year, has suddenly changed the normality regards the time the almond treets come into full bloom.

Although, the sudden bursting of blossom on the trees  is not uncommon during January and February,  yet full bloom is rare so early.  Both  interestingly, and wonderful, the fact, we can experience stunning views of the coating of snow on our highest peaks , yet during these months together with the  most magical carpet of almond blossoms, simultaneously or  “a contrast of natural forces”, is perhaps, be a more appropriate way of explaining this unique beauty, which prove to be especially so a  delight for photographers and artists alike.

Did you know spread over our Island are approx 4 million Almond Trees.  The process of flowering is during the winter months, yet becomes strange to comprehend that we can experience  the magical secrets of the Island  – ” crisp air, blue skies, sunshine, snowy mountain tops, yet at the same time, experience, and enjoy the beautiful flowers in  blossom that can range from delicate shades of pale pink, touch of even purple and white, to a degree,  if one has ever flown onto the Island this time of year, they could be forgiven, if they thought the entire Island was “covered in Snow”, as this is exactly the impression and illusion the blossom can give….. !

A suggestion box,  if your staying with us on the island is to drive to Alaro,  then walk to the top of Alaro, which will allow you to enjoy this stunning, magical romantic scenery across the Island.

For any avid walkers who may be staying with us at the moment, take advantage to walk  along the country lanes, or enjoy special walks have been designed to make the most of this natural beauty if you prefer.

So, remember, not only is Mallorca appreciated for its beautiful beaches and summer months have to offer,  yet winter months in Mallorca  still has some “secrets”  and surprises,  that many visitors,  could never imagine existed!

We do hope all our guests staying with us here at the moment, will enjoy what we,  the locals, perhaps take for granted too often,  and for those who are not lucky enough to be here on the Island, why dont you treat yourselves to a week here on the Island to enjoy this spectacular scenery, certainly worth the trip…..!!!

Wishing you all a nice day.


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