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Here we are again, guiding and  steering you to some pretty inland villages that are  “off the beaten track” villages of Randa and Alaro to explore whilst you’re here on our beautiful Island often referred to as the  “jewel in the mediterranean”.

Although both villages can be visited anytime of the year, ideally, early or late season are without doubt, the  best times, especially Alaro, if one wants to take the hike up to the Castle and chapel at the top of the mountain, for the fact it is more comfortable to explore and walk when our climate is milder rather than during our intense  “hot summer months”.

We mention these two villages in particular, which may be of interest to you,  for the fact, based on our  “guests  recommendations”  during their stay whilst exploring they found both villages offered excellent Restaurants within the Villages.  In the village of  Randa is restaurant “Reco de Randa”, and on the outskirts of Alaro, at the  top of the steep drive below the mountain is restaurant “Es Verger”, both of which you may wish to add to your agenda to experience some typical Mallorcan/ local cuisine.

TODAY, we steer you in the direction of Villages Randa and Alaro:-


This is a village in the centre of the Island. Randa is a small typical village nestled at the foot of Puig de Randa.  There is also the Sanctuary of Gracia to visit, its origins in a cave named Cova de Aresta.  Franciscan monks resided there in the 15th century, which converted into a hermitage.  In order to visit this magical spot you first have to go into the Village of Randa, then follow the road that leads you directly to the summit.

The village itself is pretty and truly worthwhile a visit,  not forgetting to try out the village Restaurant “Reco de Randa”.    One of our staff members on the  “recommendation of our guests”  visited and tried the restaurant which she found to be as excellent as our guests recommended.   It is located next to the Hotel at the foot of the Puig de Randa, the restaurant interior has fireplaces to add warmth for winter eating, and summer eating terraces for those hotter months,  a restaurant that can be enjoyed anytime of the year.  Dishes vary from both Mallorcan classic cuisine as well as international dishes to choose from.


Another delightful authentic Mallorcan village, a feature of this village is the appreciated  popular walk to the mountain top with its ruined castle and chapel, accessed via a track that is not uncommon for you to experience donkeys along the way.  The walk can start from the actual town of Alaro and takes approx 2 hours (depending on the speed you walk) or an alternative route, drive up the hairy road to the well known restaurant of Es Verger, where they offer ample parking, and you can actually walk to the castle and summit from this point, which is a much shorter walk.  A suggestion box if you wish to walk to the top of the mountain and have lunch on return is to “reserve your meal”  at Es Verger prior to the start of your walk.  Once you reach the castle which dates back to Moorish times, continue a little further, there is the chapel to visit and Bar serving hot and cold drinks along with sandwiches, allowing you to take sip a cool drink, whilst enjoying the most stunning views over the Island, and on some clear days it has been known that you can see the tip of the Island of Menorca!

On your descending back down from the summit you can look forward to  your reserved meal at  Es Verger restaurant, this restaurant as Reco de Randa has been recommended by many of our guests. The restaurant is  famed not only for its location perched high on the hill with marvellous views, but also for its suckling pig and,  in particular, its “Roast Lamb”.  It is a family run restaurant, offering a truly rustic atmosphere, don’t expect elegance! as when we say rustic, thats exactly what it is!, and  don’t expect to be served in a rush…. service is known to be lets say ” relaxed”, so,  simply sit back sipping a glass of house wine, enjoying this authentic rustic ambience, whilst your meal is served.  The restaurant is visited by many famous people, which includes,, to name one,  Michael Douglas who has been known to frequently visit the restaurant to enjoy its house specialty  “Roast Lamb” when he is here visiting the Island, so, don’t forget to  take your camera – just in case someone famous is sitting nearby you!!!!

We do hope you have enjoyed reading our “tips” of villages to visit along with their recommended  famed restaurants.

Wishing you happy exploring off the beaten track! – until next time…….



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