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Today we write about some of the varied gastronomy of Mallorca which may be of interest.

The Island of Mallorca is worldly known and appreciated for its varied and fine cuisine as a result of past cultures and traditions.

Some of the most appreciated dishes can be frequently found in both restaurants and tapa bars are for example:  Arroz Brut a soup consisting of rice and varied meats including rabbit,  Tumbet fried aubergines, potatoes and peppers with fresh tomato sauce, El Frit tasty dish of offal chopped up with fried potatoes, peppers onions and fennel, Sopas mallorquines, Coca mallorquina typical mallorquine pizza made with onion tomato and green paper or with vegetables, and not forgetting one of the  most enjoyable of all “ pa amb oli,” which consists of nothing else than mallorcan bread lightly toasted, rubbed with virgin olive oil, garlic, fresh tomato, sheer simplicity, this along with a glass of excellent red wine  – there is nothing on the planet that compares to it!

A speciality of mallorca its appreciated Sobrassada.  Raw cured sausage made with ground pork, paprika, salt and other spices normally eaten spread onto bread or Mallorcas  famous biscuits “quelitas”

Traditional cuisine include not only the wonderful variety of local mallorcan wines, yet include excellent quality olive oil and almonds.  Thousands of Almond trees bloom during the month of February, not only a beautiful tourist attraction to be enjoyed, yet many traditional recipes are made from mallorcan almonds that are collected, including its famous almond cake known on the Island as “Gato Almendra”.

One appreciated pastry is the “ensaimada”, which offers a variety of fillings such as jam, custard and cream.  Other interesting pastries to mention are Crema Catalana consisting of rich custard base topped with layer of hard caramel.  Bunyols, doughnuts made from potato, deep fried, covered in sugar, sometimes filled with cream, chocolate or custard.  Tarta de Poma Apple pie with crushed nuts, walnuts and almonds.  Tarta de brossat, local cottage cheese cake.

The Mallorcan “ Hierbas “ is not to be forgotten often offered after a meal, similar to the French Richard because of the aniseed taste.  It is normally either dulces (sweet) or secas ( dry) and served as a digestive after a meal, it is not uncommon for many restaurants to offer complimentary “hierbas” after your meal – do not forget to try it!

We hope you enjoyed some tips of the local cuisine to try and explore.


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