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Today we inform about the Mallorca Olive Fair that spans over a period of approx 9 days in Caimari.  The fair opens this weekend 16th November 2013.




For those who may be staying at one of our lovely villas during the period, its worth going down to sample and explore the delights of different olives on display in a truly picturesque setting and location.

Mallorca is well  appreciated for its production of some of the finest olives and one of the best zones and región is Caimari located in the north west of the Island.  It also produces excellent olive oil, if you attend the fair you have the opportunity to taste not only their oils, yet some of the best quality black and green olives on the Island.

Within this charming peaceful village you will find the heart of attraction at the fair is the “old olive press”

The taste of Mallorcan olives is unique, as the fair is open for nine days, there is plenty of time to take some time out of your holiday to go and visit, experiencing the opportunity to explore and try the áreas traditonal foods, and restaurants at the same time.

To all of you who love eating Olives – Happy olive tasting at the Caimari Olive Festival!


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