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For those of you who may are currently enjoying a winter villa holiday with us, we inform you of Caves of Campanet which are approx only10 mins drive from Pollensa, a lovely drive, and as well as the caves the surrounds of the countryside are worth a visit along with Campanet itself.

Although Caves Campanet, are not the largest caves on the Island, such as Caves of Drach on the east coast for example, however, they are appreciated for their calcareous deposits of “stalactites and stalagmites”.  The caves are located at the bottom of Sant Miquel and within the Campanet municipality zone, and if over visiting the caves, Campanet is a very nice village to visit as well.

The caves are approx 50 metres below surface.  There is a tour which is approx 30 mins long that takes one through the caves and rooms.  With special interest during works of opening the caves, fossil remains were found.

Campanet Caves have been appreciated by many artists who dedicated oil paintings since 1948 and todate.

As we explain above, although there are other interesting caves to visit whilst on the Island, on home ground near Pollensa, we thought we would write about our local caves, which you may wish to visit during your stay, during your winter holiday, and even are interesting for those who wish to visit during the summer months.  It is always recommended you check with the Tourist office to ensure facilities are open which days and if tour is in place.

Happy Cave exploring!!


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