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Spring time in Mallorca entices many bird watchers as the North of the Island offers many sites in and around the  spectacular North Coast region. Mallorcas geographical location is one of the major bird migration routes, and it has been known that many birds can be seen not only spring time yet summer too.

Two local sites near to Puerto Pollensa is the Albufureta Marshes, and further afield about 10 mins drive is the Parc Naturel de S’Albufera, which is mid-way between Puerto Pollensa, and Can Picafort, just on the outskirts of Alcudia.

Mallorca has been known and  appreciated for many years for its bird life offering a varied and rich range of birds whether it’s the local sites of Boquer Valley, Traumuntana, or the Albufuerta and Albufera, it is not uncommon to view, Rock Thrush, Hoopoes, Wheateaters, Marsh Harrier to name a few.

Why don’t you consider a Spring time bird watching holiday – what better base a  beautiful villa with private pool. As some of our Villas are actually located nearby the Albufuereta Marshes in Pollensa, offering you ideal location,  within walking distance to the Marshes, can you imagine, an added plus, you may be lucky enough whilst your sitting on your Villa terrace having your breakfast  to see a Marsh Harrier” flying by!!   

Take a look at our villas guideline map, you will note that Villa ref numbers below are located on one side of the Albufuereta Marsh, and Villa No. 21 is located on the far side of the Albufuereta Marsh which is just on the outskirts of Puerto Pollensa.






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