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Have any of you heard or are familiar with “Aucanada” or as some prefer to refer “Alcanada” ?, if not, we are hear to inform you of this little appreciated “haven” as the locals say.

Aucanada as we shall refer,  is a delightful appreciated residential area nestled by the sea, just on the outskirts of  the quaint small Port of Alcudia.  It is  only a few mins drive and walkable from the  port,  bypassing en-route the distinctive landmark of the area,  two tall impressive chimneys that can be viewed above Alcudia Bay, that were once a power station.

The road takes you up and then winds down hugging the sea and coast past many beautiful homes and villas along the way that finally takes you to a recreation area at the bottom, there is also a restaurant which sits right on the waterfront known as La Terraza, ideal spot to take a coffee or wine, due to its with stunning and beautiful views.  There is a small tiny sand cove beach with stone jetty just below the restaurant, where you can take a “dip”, however, if you walk a little further past the pine trees, you will be surprised at what this pretty area offers along the coast, which by the way only becomes busier, at weekends both cars and people, as it is a “haven” appreciated by the locals both near and far who travel up to spend a delightful day at Aucanada, so mid week visit is recommended!

The beach offers both sand /pebble and pebble,  its waters are crystal clear, a super spot for snorkling or diving.  There is also the small Aucanda Island, adding to the scenery, so close its approx 150m which one can swim and has been known that some walk over to the Island, the Island has a beacon which comes to life during  “sunset and dusk.”

Leaving the beach and sea, Aucanada also is the home of an 18 hole golf course for those “avid” golfers out there, and offers a restaurant with spectacular views across the small Island and Alcudia Bay to take a lazy lunch, before returning back for an afternoon swim.

So, for those of you who may be in the area, or planning to come this summer, dont forget to put Aucanada on your agenda, its a delightful spot, ideal as it is quiet compared to other beaches in the surrounding areas,  picturesque with stunning views, without the hustle and bustle of crowds, ” beware, you wont find the normal facilities of umbrellas available, but then who cares, you cant have quieter beach, clear waters and lovely views, so compromise is the order of the day – nothing is perfect in this life, dont worry, there is always a solution  –  “you can  always pop under the shade of a pine!!…..”

Happy exploring Aucanada/Alcanada,  if you have not been there before?






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