54th Pollensa Festival

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For those music and culture lovers, who may be staying with us during the months of July and August, we are informed there is to be the forthcoming 54th 2015 Pollensa Festival, a special occasion with a wide range of music and culture offers.

festival pollensaSince the year this festival was created by the violinist Philip Newman, 1962, some of the best national and international musicians have come to this lovely town to take part in this fabulous festival where people have the opportunity to appreciate the real art of Music.

This year, the 2015 Pollensa Festival offers important concerts at one of the most fascinating places (the Cloister of Santo Domingo in Pollensa): Fazil Say (piano), Ute Lemper (singer), Daniel Hope and Soloists or Antonio Vivaldi de Venecia Orchestra among others.

But this Festival does not only offer music events but also cultural for those who enjoy learning the wonderful treasures of each and every culture such as Mexican gastronomy tastes, poetry meetings, art expositions, etc.

If you have not planned your holiday yet and you are one of those people who love music and culture, visit our web and our villas in Pollensa and enjoy one of the most fabulous summer holidays in your life in Pollensa.

Take a look at the 2015 Pollensa Festival programme and webpage and enjoy our town and its wonderful events to the fullest!



Hope you enjoy each of these Music and Culture opportunities!

The Best Villas Pollensa.

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