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Once again, its that time of year  when Pollensa holds its wonderful fair that both visitors and residents nearby in the township itself and also those living on the Island, who travel each year to this ” fine event”  to enjoy a whole range of stalls exhibiting local goods and produce many of which of excellent quality displaying Balearic craft at its very best, allowing craftsmen to display their works, many of which are hand made.

The range of exhibitions and stalls are located around Cloisters Convento de Santo Domingo, nestled around and within the towns quaint narrow streets, and main squares offering an enjoyable ambience for all either  simply wondering around, or taking a break on a side walk café, before exploring more.

The variety of items is just amazing and can range from local handicrafts,  fashion, jewellery, animals, decoration including typical Mallorcan fabrics and clothing , woven baskets, plants, and not forgetting Mallorcan gastronomy including extraordinary array of  local cheeses, meat produce, homemade jams, local wines and much more!

There are fairs, there are markets, and all are very similar, as well know,  yet we are proud of  the annual Pollensa Arts and Crafts fair held  2nd week in November each and every year, for the fact, its rather unique, due to its fabulous range and variety of arts, crafts  and other exhibited, many of which to a high standard overall, together with  its location that certainly adds to the electric atmosphere,  that so many come from miles away to enjoy.

So……..!! if you are here visiting the Island this weekend, or in the surrounding areas, try and make the effort to visit Pollensa in order not to miss this wonderful fair ,  for sure many if not all of us at The Best Villas Pollensa shall be there, enjoying the fun and atmosphere.

We hope you enjoyed our local news of events taking place this weekend.


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