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We are bringing you “news” that Pollensa and the town have just enjoyed its annual  Sant Antoni fiesta “Beneides de Sant Antoni”  mainly in Palma, Costitx,  Manacor, Sa Pobla and Petra, this celebration is both on the 17th and 20th .

The fiesta celebrated in Pollensa is “Pi de Sant Antoni”

Our staff  of The Best Villas Pollensa, some who reside within the town or those on the  outskirts normally join in the local celebrations, which start off on the evening of 16th January, public can enjoy standing around bonfires, which are prepared by the Local Town Hall in many of the winding narrow streets of the town,  once lit, allows the public to cook their botifarrons and other spice meats over the bonfire,  not forgetting local vines to drink, keeping warm, after which, at midnight firework display takes place.

10 days prior to evening of the  16th, the traditional pine tree is cut from Ternelles valley or “Pi” as the locals refer i.e. “Pi de Sant Antoni” has been cut down. The pine can normally range from  20m or more in height!  it has already been debarked and prepared, awaiting to be brought down into the town on the day 17th January.

On the morning of day 17th various processions take place, and  this includes  the blessing of animals which may include animals ranging from donkey, horse, dogs, birds or other, that their owners bring along for the blessing,  after which,  in the afternoon,  the towns people and tourists alike  can walk approx 2.5km up the Ternells road, to the point where the Pine is awaiting to be brought into the town.

Before the pine brought into the town, everyone can enjoy eating botifarrons and herrings, cooked over BBQ grills, along with bread and wine which are supplied by the local Council.  After the traditional eating, it is then time for the pine to be placed on a cart with wheels, and brought down into the town to Plaza Vella. Sometimes not without some incidents, and, as we are informed, yesterday, it seems the cart ran over the “ tootsies” of one of the local policeman who was assisting in bring the pine down the road, unfortunately, so if your planning to take part anytime,  ensure you are careful!

Following tradition, the pine is then smeared with soap and oil,  then hoisted up and installed to enable anyone who may be brave enough to dare and attempt to climb the tree to the top, whereupon,  there is a bag of confetti, to be opened that falls down onto the people below, and following further tradition of many years, as a reward for the daring climber for having achieved and managed to get to the top, is a live cock in a basket, which many keep the cock as a pet.

We hope you enjoyed our news today explaining about the traditions annual Fiesta of “Pi de Sant Antoni”, which was once again enjoyed by all and the tree was managed to be climbed this year by local from Pollensa, we might add, well done!

Thank you for following us on our blog, and don’t forget to keep watching for further news and info for updates along the way……


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